Puppy Selection Process

To help explain our puppy selection process, we do a 23 point test exactly at 7 weeks of age to assess the puppies and match the best ones to their potential new families. The reason why we no longer have our most recent litters listed individually, is because almost all the litters are pre-sold with deposits already in place. BBGS Bagheera Tree Chair_1We have some deposits all the way out to 2016 already. That’s not to say we have all the deposit spots sold up until then, but we have people that have put deposits our that far. We never know how many puppies will be born per litter so we don’t take any more than 6 total deposits per litter (3 males and 3 females).

As an example, with our G litter, we only had 1 female born. We had 3 deposit holders. Someone came in at the last minute, paid the “pick of the litter” price and took her, thus bumping all 3 of the existing female deposit holders further into the future for the next litter. Our next litters (H litter and I litter), already had 3 deposits for females for each of those litters. So the people with money on deposit for the females from the G litter, had to be bumped to the J and K litters in the future.

Sometimes people change their minds and got an adolescent dog from us or decide to change to a male puppy or female puppy so availability does change. Occasionally we may also have people who choose to switch their deposits to another litter, which is also completely fine with us. Hopefully that explains how the process works. For current status as of the date of this email, see the info above.

IMG959435If you want a pick of the litter, more than half of those spots for the next dozen or so litters are already gone. If you are serious about getting a puppy, then we recommend putting a deposit down now since we only take 6 deposits per litter. But of course, we could have more than 3 males and 3 females born in a litter. As an example, continuing from the example above, our G litter had 7 males born but we only had accepted 3 deposits on males from that litter (as per our policy). Once the puppies were born, we notified deposit holders for puppies in the future and 2 of the people opted to get their puppies earlier than expected. So we sold 5 of the 7 right of the bat. One we ended up keeping ourselves for our future breeding program. And the last one was sold to someone who contacted us randomly, similar to how you may have inquired, who did not have an existing deposit on file but got lucky that we had a male puppy available at the time of his inquiry.

Hopefully this answered your question as to prioritization and how the process works. To answer some of your other potential questions, the following link will give you additional information including a links to additional videos, etc. Also, info on our health guarantee is here, along with some FAQ’s as well as links which allow you to make a deposit along with instructions on how to move forward to reserve your puppy:

Reserve My Puppy NowIMG955683

Trained Available Dogs

We know you have a choice in where you get your next dog from and we consider it among the greatest of compliments when someone considers purchasing a dog from us. Feel free to contact us at  775-BEST DOG if you need any additional information or have any other questions. Someone will also try and call you within the next few days to connect and find out exactly what type of dog you are looking for. Once again, thank you for your interest in our internationally recognized all black German Shepherd breeding program. We look forward to helping to match you with your perfect best friend and companion for years to come.

***PLEASE NOTE*** – They say that “Imitation is the best form of flattery”.  We agree.  However, due to other websites having used our images, videos or information regarding OUR dogs to intentionally mislead people into believing the puppies they are buying are puppies from our breeding program, the vast majority of our videos of puppies and our trained dogs are NOT posted and are NOT publicly available.  All pictures on this site are of OUR dogs.  If they are not, it is stated as such.  And to our best knowledge, there is only one picture on our site that is not of one of our dogs or one of the puppies.  We make the videos and pictures of our dogs available ONLY to those individuals we have confirmed and verified are actual legitimate breeders or potential customers wishing to purchase one of our fantastic dogs.  If you have any doubts, contact us first to confirm if you’re getting a “von Wiese” German Shepherd.