For availability of our Black German Shepherd puppies for sale, please contact us by clicking here.  Note that if you only put partial contact information, you will probably not be contacted.  We get hundreds of inquiries every month so we are selective with who we spend our time matching up to our puppies.  We are fortunate that we can be selective regarding who gets one of our puppies from our Internationally recognized breeding program.  

You can also go up to the “Upcoming Litters” tab and wait for the drop down menu to view details of the available puppies as well as information about the Sire, Dam, the litter, prices, when they can ship and view pictures and/or video if available.  However, we can’t always keep up with updating this portion of the site so we apologize in advance.

***PLEASE NOTE*** – They say that “Imitation is the best form of flattery”.  We agree.  However, due to other websites having used our images, videos or information regarding OUR dogs to intentionally mislead people into believing the puppies they are buying are puppies from our breeding program, the vast majority of our videos of puppies and our trained dogs are NOT posted and are NOT publicly available.  We make those videos and pictures available ONLY to those individuals we have confirmed and verified are actual legitimate breeders or potential customers wishing to purchase one of our fantastic dogs.  If you have any doubts, contact us first to confirm if you’re getting a “von Wiese” German Shepherd.

General Information and FAQ’s for our upcoming litters and black german shepherd puppies for sale can be found by clicking on the “Upcoming Litters” tab and selecting the various litters that are due to be born or have already been born, as well as getting specific information on which black german shepherd puppies for sale are still available.  Please note that approximately 80% or more of our puppies are sold prior to their birth.  Even though we try and update our site as often as possible, the puppies may have already been sold when we are contacted and in the event this happens, we apologize in advance.

The  video below will show you the quality of our puppies as well as show you a little about Kennel von Wiese!

[youtube link=”” width=”940″ height=”600″] – Prices are dependent on a number of variables, including the breeding pair, sex of puppy, choice of litter, if the litter was surgically inseminated, if semen had to be shipped from another source, and if the Sire is overseas or not.  Availability of upcoming litters and existing deposits may also have some influence.  NOTE:  Prices of puppies have been standardized as of January 2014.  Females are $3000.00.  Males are $3500.00.  Pick of the Litter puppies are $4500.00.  Certain outcrosses may be more but they will be clearly marked.

– Deposits are as follows:   $500 to reserve a puppy prior to birth.  “Choice of litter” deposits are $1000.  Also, to reserve a puppy AFTER they are born, deposits are $1000  and for “Choice of litter”, it is $1500.00.  Up to 6 deposits are taken per litter with back up deposits (you will know up front if you have a primary or back up deposit).  Deposits are NOT refundable but can be changed over to different litters if needed or requested, up to 2 weeks prior to scheduled delivery of the puppy.

– Puppies must be paid for in full by 8 weeks of age.  However, we are happy to keep the puppy for you up to age 16 weeks without any additional cost to you, as a courtesy for our clients.  Beyond 16 weeks, there is a monthly board fee of $3.00 per day.

– All puppies we sell will have a health guarantee up to 1 year of age and have guaranteed hips and elbows until 1 year of age as well.  All dogs are further guaranteed to be free of any genetic disorders until the age of 2 years old.  We do offer an upgrade guarantee up to the age of 2 years old for hip and elbows along with 4 years free of any genetic disorder and this guarantee is available at an additional charge of $750.

All our Sires and Dams have A1 normal hips and elbows at least 6 generations back.  However, hips are determined by many variables including environmental components as well, such as what age protection work was begun, diet dogs are on, etc.  See hip dysplasia Info

– Military and law enforcement (current or past as long as an ID can be used to verify status) receive a 10% discount on all our available dogs under the age of 10 months.  There is no discount for dogs sold that are over the age of 10 months old (sorry…but if we did offer a discount on older dogs, we would then have to offer the government a 10% discount on all dogs they purchase from us.  And we can’t do that.)

– Occasionally, we do have young adolescent males or females that are available as well but they come with either obedience training or both obedience and protection and their cost is considerably higher.  Videos of their obedience and protection work can be provided upon request.

We only have the best in solid black german shepherd puppies for sale with all our black German Shepherd lines being among the best available anywhere in the world.  Most of what we have are black german shepherd puppies for sale.  However, we also sometimes have various aged, older black German Shepherd puppies for sale and some young adult dogs occasionally for sale as well.  These dogs are available either as is, or with additional training in obedience or both obedience and protection.  Occasionally, we may even have a fully titled black german shepherd for sale available.  Click here for all of our Black German Shepherd Puppies For Sale.  We have now been referred to as being “the world’s top all black german shepherd breeder” by multiple sources in different parts of the world.  We take this as a tremendous compliment because we do take great pride in our breeding program and are grateful that the quality of our dogs that we are producing has now been internationally recognized.