S2 – Born September 14, 2016

Geranimo 6           X            Pia Stance

Sire – Geronimo:  V Geronimo vom Wiese, IPO3, Kkl 1, V rated, HD-ED normal, ZW-78

Dam – Pia:  V Olympia vom Silbersee, SchH3, Kkl1, V rated, HD-ED normal, ZW 77

S2 Litter – Geronimo x Pia  – Born September 14, 2016

1 male and 2 female all black german shepherd puppies born healthy, ready for their new homes by December 2, 2016

Price :  – $4,500.00 for each of these puppies.  These are the absolute last ever, “reverse 2-3 line breeding” dogs on Paska that will ever be born because Pia is the last standing daughter of the legendary Paska and she is over 9 years of age now.  She will not be bred anymore due to her age.

Availability  from this litter of all black german shepherd puppies:  Males (SOLD OUT), Females (SOLD OUT)

Geronimo is the son of my personal dog, Unkas von Riedschlurgi (a Paska von Salztalblick).  And he is MASSIVE!  He stands 70 cm at the shoulders, a full 5 cm taller than his father.  And Unkas was massive himself.  In the picture above, you can see me standing with Geronimo.  I am 6’1” tall.  And you can see his head is well above my waist line in the picture.

Pia is one of my most productive females ever.  She has consistently produced solid working line dogs with high drive and incredible structure.  And she has been one of the best, if not the best investment in a breeding female I have ever made.  Pia is the last standing daughter of the legendary Paska von Salztalblick.

Together with Unkas’ blood via Geronimo, this litter is going to be more than stellar.  The last 2-3 breeding (at least natural breeding) on Paska von Salztalblick!

***NOTE***   –  We had thought Pia’s previous litter born on Feb 22, 2016 would most likely be the last reverse 2-3 line bred litter on Paska, ever.  Why?  Because Paska’s two top sons, Unkas and Nolan, have now passed on.  Paska’s last standing daughters are Pia and Sina.  Sina has not had a litter in almost 2 years and has been retired to a “forever home”.  And Pia turned 9 years old on September 18, 2016.  So after this litter, there will never be any 2-3 line breedings on Paska again.  We will have many 3-3’s, but this is the last of the “reverse 2-3’s”.


***NOTE***   –  Occasionally  we retain a male or female for our own breeding/titling/protection/competition program.  These dogs have distinguished themselves from an early age and were therefore, retained by our own program.  These dogs are not listed for sale but we may consider selling some of our dogs in our training programs occasionally, from time to time.  Sometimes they are picked as “Pick of the Litter”.  Other times, the person who picks does not pick what we would have picked.  In these situations, if a puppy seems to distinguish themselves from the rest of their peer group, we will retain him/her.  If you are interested in one of these older, distinguished young adult dogs which are waiting to start their training when they reach 10 months of age, call 775-BEST-DOG. 


All selections take place on or AFTER the 7th week.  When the deposits are made, no specific puppy has been selected by anyone.  Which puppy goes to who is not decided until the 7th week of age.  Priority is given based on matching the best and ideal puppy with the criteria that the new owner is looking for.   However, in the event of a “tie”, priority is based on order of deposit.  Pick of the Litter get’s first priority obviously.  For example, if we have 3 people that say they want the largest male puppy from the litter with the highest ball drive, we will evaluate the puppies for those specific criteria.  The puppy fitting that criteria the most will be placed first with “Pick of the Litter”, then with the person who placed the deposit the earliest.

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We are proud to offer a military and law enforcement discount of 10% on all German Shepherd dogs we breed (current or prior status must be verifiable).

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We only have solid black german shepherds for sale and all our black German Shepherd lines are the best available anywhere in the world.  Most of what we have are black german shepherd puppies for sale.  However, we also sometimes have various aged, older black German Shepherd puppies for sale and some young adults occasionally for sale as well.  These dogs are available either as is, or with additional training in obedience or both obedience and protection.  Occasionally, we may even have a fully titled black german shepherd for sale available.  Click here for all of our Black German Shepherd Puppies For Sale.  We have now been referred to as being among “the world’s top 2 all black german shepherd breeders”.  We take this as a tremendous compliment because we do take great pride in our breeding program and are grateful that the quality of our dogs we are producing has now been internationally recognized.