I – Born Jan 16, 2013



Sire – Bomber:  V Bomber vom Wolfsheim, SchH3, KK1, FH1

Dam – Olympia (Pia):  V Olympia vom Silbersee, SchH3, Kk1

I Litter – Bomber X Pia (an outcross breeding on Paska 2-3) – Born Jan 16, 2013

1 male and 4 female, all black german shepherd puppies born healthy, ready for their new homes by March 13, 2013

Price :  – $3500.00 for Females.  $4000.00 for Male.

Availability from this litter of all black german shepherd puppies:  SOLD OUT


***NOTE*** –  Occasionally  we retain a male or female for our own breeding/titling/protection/competition program.  These dogs have distinguished themselves from an early age and were therefore, retained by our own program.  These dogs are not listed for sale but we may consider selling some of our dogs in our training programs occasionally, from time to time.  Sometimes they are picked as “Pick of the Litter”.  Other times, the person who picks does not pick what we would have picked.  In these situations, if a puppy seems to distinguish themselves from the rest of their peer group, we will retain him/her.  If you are interested in one of these older, distinguished young adult dogs which are waiting to start their training when they reach 10 months of age, call 775-BEST-DOG. 


Bomber x Pia (an ideal outcross breeding) – Due to be born Jan 16, 2013

This is an outcross breeding on Paska, using Bomber bred to a Paska daughter and represents one of the most ideal match ups based on superior genetics and proven Sire and Dam.

–  This breeding is an outcross breeding of two magnificent specimens, both “V” (Excellent) in conformation and Kkl1 with an ideal matching of 2 exquisite all black German Shepherds. In seeing them in person, you will be struck by Bomber’s beautiful male head, very strong appearance, overall size and beauty, showing great bone structure which he has proven to pass on to offspring.  Pia is an absoulte gem, with the perfect balance of temperament and drive that made her Sire, V Paska vom Salztalblick, a legend.  Pia’s previous litters have seen her offspring go from pet homes all the way to the competition ring, from companion dogs to law enforcement working dogs.  Both Bomber and Pia are serious workers but that’s just the begining.  What they bring to the table is strong work ethic (proven) with both Pia and Bomber.  Both are SchH 3 titled.  Bomber brings great dominance, physical hardness and power.  Bomber is a proven stud with many off-spring that have distinguished themselves in competition.  Pia is a highly dominant female with a ‘no-nonscence” attitude.  She is everything and more you could want in a female, combining femininity with clear strength and dominance, balanced perfectly with excellent temperament and great conformation.  Both dogs are at their highest levels of titling and the line goes back to some of the strongest producing females and males in the history of the working line German Shepherd..  This breeding is recommended for for serious working homes, police, protection, sport and breeding programs.  Puppies due January 16, 2013.

Bomber recently crossed the Atlantic from Germany to the USA and this breeding between Bomber and one of the top (and one of the few last standing) daughters of Paska, makes this an exceptional breeding from everyone’s perspective.  This breeding is already highly sought after with pre-orders from multiple countries.  Price is $4000.00 for “pick of the litter” and $3500.00 for the rest from this litter of all black German Shepherd puppies.  (Both male and female “pick of the litters” have been reserved).

We are proud to offer a military and law enforcement discount of 10% on all German Shepherd dogs we breed (current or prior status must be verifiable).  We have the best all black German Shepherd lines available anywhere in the world.  We have various age black German Shepherd puppies for sale that are available, either as is, or with additional training in obedience or both obedience and protection. Click here for all of our Black German Shepherd Puppies For Sale.

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