J – Born Feb 19, 2013


Sire – Iwan:  SG Iwan vom Hünxer Wald, SchH3, Kk1, FH1, HD-ED normal, ZW-78

Dam – Kala:  V Kala vom Salztalblick, SchH3, Kk1, V rated, HD-ED normal, ZW – 75

J Litter – Iwan X Kala – Born February 19, 2013 – 6 males and 3 females

Price :  – $3500.00 for Males and $3000.00 for Females. “Pick of the Litter” $4000.00

This is an unbelievable pedigree….Iwan is the son of Janko, of Tim, of Troll of Fero.  This is a rare and highly exceptional line that is of the origin of the working dog class.  If you are on our waiting list for males, you would have been well advised to have looked at this breeding (which we were not sure we were going to be able to get) and get a male from this litter.  Only 1 female left now.  And we have not even put this breeding on our website until recently (after the litter was born).  This breeding will not be repeated since Iwan is still in Germany and is almost 8 years old now.  Kala is a Paska grand daughter.  This is an exceptional “outcross” breeding on Paska with the most promise for breeding and contributing to improving the breed.  Ask anyone that knows the working dog lines…Iwan is the best son of Janko, who was the best son of Tim, who was one of the best sons of Troll, who was without a doubt, the best son of Fero, the best all time producer of the working dog line.

Availability  from this litter of all black german shepherd puppies:  SOLD OUT


***NOTE*** –  Occasionally  we retain a male or female for our own breeding/titling/protection/competition program.  These dogs have distinguished themselves from an early age and were therefore, retained by our own program.  These dogs are not listed for sale but we may consider selling some of our dogs in our training programs occasionally, from time to time.  Sometimes they are picked as “Pick of the Litter”.  Other times, the person who picks does not pick what we would have picked.  In these situations, if a puppy seems to distinguish themselves from the rest of their peer group, we will retain him/her.  If you are interested in one of these older, distinguished young adult dogs which are waiting to start their training when they reach 10 months of age, call 775-BEST-DOG. 


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