F – Born July 2, 2012

Sire – Unkas:  V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, SchH3, KK1, FH1

Dam – Beniti:  V Beniti vom Salztalblick, IPO3, KK1, FH1

Unkas x Beniti (a perfect Paska 2-3 breeding) – July 2, 2012

6 male, 3 female German Shepherds

Price :  – $3000.00 for Males and $2500.00 for Females.

Video 1 – At 6 weeks of age

Video 2 – At 7 weeks of age


For information on German Shepherd Sire or German Shepherd Dam, click on the links above.    Available for pickup or shipping after August 27, 2012

– Simply stated, it is absolutely impossible for any pictures of these incredible pair of dogs to do justice to them, especially Unkas.  When standing next to any other dog, the superiority of this incredible dog becomes accentuated.  This is the 3rd litter with the same sire and dam, with the first two litters being amazingly consistent, all large boned, especially responsive, with unbelievably stable temperaments that are impossible NOT to fall in love with.  Every puppy from the first two litters was exceptional and we are so looking forward to this combination again.  The last litter, with the males at 4.5 months of age, weighted between 71 and 75 lbs.  These are huge puppies considering German Shepherds will not mature until they reach 2 years of age.  There are NO other dogs better suited for protection, competition, police, search and rescue or any other working situation.  Of course, they will also make wonderful companions but please remember, these are the best of high drive and yet, calm working dogs.  Both parents are fully titled, V rated, KK1 dogs (click on the links below for more details on the Sire or Dam).  Prices are $3500.00 for the top two “picks of the litter”, $3000.00 for Males and $2500.00 for Females.

Status of puppies is listed as Sold (paid in full) or Reserved (deposits received).  Early on, pups may have been sold but the new owners have not selected exactly which puppy to select due to the puppies being too young to determine personality or characteristics.  Once determined, the puppy will have the new owner listed or pictured by them.


September 23, 2012

Congratulations Brandon and Shannon Garay of Fayetteville NC who took home their Male 4.

     Pup’s sire Unkas saying hello.


August 31, 2012

Congratulations Will and Terri Lashley of Rockwell NC who took home their Female 2 (puppy #8).

August 26, 2012

Congratulations Keith and Roger Piercy of Denver NC who took home their Male 2 and Female 3 (puppy #9).

August 17, 2012 Update – 6 weeks old

Just had their first visit with the vet today.  All had “glowing” reports from the vet regarding their “sweet” dispositions (the vet is a German Shepherd enthusiast herself).  All were dewormed and given Corona, Parvo and Distemper shots today.  Weights were as follows:

Male 1 – R-R – Weighed 9.1 lbs – (Reserved) Smallest male out of litter – Private, requested not to be listed

Male 2 – F-C – Weighted 9.3 lbs – (Sold) Keith Piercy and Family

Male 3 – R-C – Weighted 9.4 lbs

Male 4 – R-L – Weighed 10.5 lbs – (Reserved) Largest male out of litter – Brandon and Shannon Garay

Male 5 – F-R – Weighted 9.6 lbs

Male 6 – F-L – Weighted 9.7 lbs – (Reserved) 2nd largest male out of litter – Harry and Janet Noway

Female 1 – Weighted 9.3 lbs – (Sold) Private, requested not to be listed

Female 2 – Weighted 9.4 lbs – (Sold) Will and Terri Lashley

Female 3 – Weighted 7.9 lbs – (Sold) Keith Piercy and Family

These puppies are so advanced, we have already started their 7 week imprinting at 5 and a half weeks.  The following picture was taken of the 4 males with the most drive with a chicken in a horse stall.  In 5 minutes, the chicken was relaxing with them, with her head on the back of one of the puppies.  These are very well balanced dogs…but then again, they are a 2-3 breeding and I would expect nothing less.  Someone asked about the pictures on our header page with the puppy on a waste container (has a zebra in the background) and wanted to know why we put the dog on top of the waste container.  It’s all about early imprinting.  See Imprinting and Development


August 16, 2012 Update – 6 weeks old

Male 1- Black German Shepherd – R-R    Selected and Sold  


Male 2- Black German Shepherd  – F-C  Selected and Sold (Male and Female)  Congratulations Keith Piercy, Roger and Family


Of the following 4 males, 3 males are either sold (paid in full) or reserved (deposits received).  One male pup is still available.  Although these pups have not been selected from as of August 16, 2012, priority is given in order of sale first, then order of deposits received.


Male 3-Black German Shepherd – R-C:  Excellent drive (1 of 4 with most drive) and conformation, evident already at 5 weeks of age.  1 ear up already.  Distinct male, over-sized.  Good companion or competition candidate.


Male 4- Black German Shepherd – R-L:  Excellent drive (1 of 4 males with most drive) and conformation, evident already at 5 weeks of age.  Both ears partially up already.  Distinct male, over-sized.  Squared jaw. Good companion or competition candidate.

Selected and Sold – Congratulations Brandon and Shannon Garay (…and from one soldier to two others, thank you for your continued service)


Male 5- Black German Shepherd – F-R:  Moderate drive and excellent conformation, evident already at 5 weeks of age.  Distinct male, over-sized.  Squared jaw.  Will be a perfect family companion.  Gentle.  The sweetest pup of the litter.  Not ideal for competition.


Male 6- Black German Shepherd – F-L:  Reserved  

Excellent drive (1 of 4 males with most drive) and conformation, evident already at 5 weeks of age.  Distinct male, over-sized.  Squared jaw. May not be ideal for competition due to size.



August 11, 2012 Update

Male 1- Black German Shepherd    Sold

Male 2- Black German Shepherd    Sold

Male 3-Black German Shepherd     Sold

Male 4- Black German Shepherd   Reserved  

Male 5- Black German Shepherd   Reserved  

Male 6- Black German Shepherd     

Female 7- Black German Shepherd   Sold

Female 8- Black German Shepherd   Sold 

Female 9- Black German Shepherd   Sold  

Congratulations Brandon Garay, Shannon and Family

Congratulations Keith Piercy and Family

Congratulations Will and Terri Lashley


Pups pictured at 5 weeks old.




Pictured at 23 days old.


Pictured at 10 days old.



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