H – Born Dec 26, 2012


Sire – Unkas:  V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, SchH3, KK1, FH1

Dam – Beniti:  V Beniti vom Salztalblick, IPO3, KK1, FH1

H Litter – Unkas x Beniti (a perfect Paska 2-3 breeding) – Born Dec 26, 2012

3 males and 6 female all black german shepherd puppies born healthy, ready for their new homes by Feb 20, 2013

Price :  – $3000.00 for Males and $2750.00 for Females. “Pick of the Litters” $3500.00

Availability  from this litter of all black german shepherd puppies:  SOLD OUT


***NOTE*** –  Occasionally  we retain a male or female for our own breeding/titling/protection/competition program.  These dogs have distinguished themselves from an early age and were therefore, retained by our own program.  These dogs are not listed for sale but we may consider selling some of our dogs in our training programs occasionally, from time to time.  Sometimes they are picked as “Pick of the Litter”.  Other times, the person who picks does not pick what we would have picked.  In these situations, if a puppy seems to distinguish themselves from the rest of their peer group, we will retain him/her.  If you are interested in one of these older, distinguished young adult dogs which are waiting to start their training when they reach 10 months of age, call 775-BEST-DOG. 


Update: January 30, 2013  Black german Shepherd pup pictured at 35 days old.


This is a 2 – 3 line breeding on Paska, the most superior method of isolating the optimum combination in the gene pool using Mendalian genetics.

– Simply stated, it is absolutely impossible for any pictures of these incredible pair of German Shepherd dogs to do justice to them, especially Unkas.  When standing next to any other dog, the superiority of this incredible dog becomes accentuated.  This is the 3rd litter with the same sire and dam, with the first two litters being amazingly consistent, all large boned, especially responsive, with unbelievably stable temperaments that are impossible NOT to fall in love with.  Every black German Shepherd puppy from the first two litters were exceptional and we are so looking forward to this combination again.  The last litter, with the males at 4.5 months of age, weighted between 71 and 75 lbs.  These are huge puppies considering German Shepherds will not mature until they reach 2 years of age.  There are NO other dogs better suited for protection, competition, police, search and rescue or any other working situation.  Of course, they will also make wonderful companions but please remember, these are the best of high drive working dogs.  Both parents are fully titled, V rated, KK1 dogs (click on the links below for more details on the Sire or Dam).  Of all our breeding pairs, this is the most exciting litter for me since I get to see Unkas’ offsprings.  The longer I have this stud, the more he bonds to me.  The instantaneous rapport he has with me shows me that he is truly one of a kind.  Both mother and father have the most powerful and magnificent heads you can imagine on a German Shepherd.  Price $3500.00 for the top “pick of the litter”, $3000.00 for Male German Shepherds and $2750.00 for Female German Shepherds.

We are proud to offer a military and law enforcement discount of 10% on all German Shepherd dogs we breed (current or prior status must be verifiable).

We have the best all black German Shepherd lines available anywhere in the world.  We have various age black German Shepherd puppies for sale that are available, either as is, or with additional training in obedience or both obedience and protection.Click here for all of our Black German Shepherd Puppies For Sale.