Male – Unkas

V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, SchH3, KK1, FH1

Unkas was the main stud dog for 2 years at the world famous Salztalblick Kennels in Germany, also the home of his famous father, V Paska vom Salztalblick.  All our breeders are SchH3, V rated, KK1 dogs.  In fact, we use the best of Mendalian genetics and only breed the top dogs, and only breed 2 -3 on Paska to duplicate this incredible dog.  And Unkas is his finest son and one of the few “registered” Stud Dogs in Germany.  Unkas is a “once in a lifetime” dog.  Visit us in Huntersville, NC and see for yourself why we believe he’s the finest stud dog in the USA and why we are quickly gaining a reputation for producing the absolute best in the all black German Shepherd line.

V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, SchH3, KK1, FH1 – Video 1

V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, SchH3, KK1, FH1 – Video 2


Unkas at around age 2 years

Unkas on May 27, 2012 (2 months before his 6th birthday)

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– V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi (SZ 2189420) is one of the most amazing stud dogs, taking right after his father, V Paska vom Salztalblick.   The resemblance of son and father is more than remarkable.  So much so that I pursued the previous owner of Unkas for almost a year before I finally convinced him to sell this incredible dog to me for my breeding program.  But at first sight, this dog was going to be more than just my stud dog, he’s now my personal dog.  Since Unkas is a Paska “son”, he provides the “2” in the 2-3 line breeding.

Unkas is a SchH 3, FH1, KK1, V rated (excellent in structure) dog with an incredible predisposition and temperment.  He is a handsome, graceful, large boned shepherd weighing in at 96 lbs.  Unkas is 100% of German stock, with Pink papers and is one of around 50 registered “Stud dogs” in Germany, easily verified at this link… – Translate this page.  (Select under “U” and Unkas should be the first one listed under the “U”s).  In fact, Unkas was used as the main stud dog for more than 2 years by the world famous Salztalblick Kennels in Germany, the original home of his father, Paska.

The following is the “Breed Survey” for Unkas:

“Large, medium strong, substantial, strong head, stressed male character, expressive, normal building harmony, sufficient structural strength, almost perfect correct front, somewhat flat withers, emerging changes vertebrae, short correct croup, properly mounted shoulder blade, upper arm slightly short, well angulated hindquarters, very vital movement with sufficient increment.  TSB pronounced, does out.  V. vitality and working facilities, striking male.”

Unkas is available to stand as stud but all females must first be approved prior to any breeding.

Stud fee – $1,500.00 plus $11.00 per day in boarding fees (or $150.00 for 2 weeks board).  This covers 3 breedings at day 11, day 13 and day 15 of the cycle.  You don’t have to bring your female in for two weeks, as long as you are relatively accurate when she went into heat.  You are welcome to have your female here for as few or as many days as you like.  Yes, you can find most stud dogs for a lesser stud fee.  But then again, at the risk of sounding arrogant (which is not my purpose), you get what you pay for.  We do offer a discount for any breeding that is to a V rated, SchH3 / IPO 3, KK1 female.

In addition, if you don’t wish to ship your female, straws are available (3 straws for $1000.00, and additional straws for $500.00 each).  We have both frozen semen which will require surgical insemination or cooled semen with the need for AI (artificial insemination).  Cooled semen will be fresh collections sent over night with extender.  Instead of a charge anywhere from $500 to $1200 for surgical insemination necessary with frozen semen, the cooled semen requires only a vaginal insemination for minimal cost, usually $50 to $100 dollars charged by the vet.  Our fees are the same for either frozen or cooled.  However, with cooled, we will send approximately 8 to 12 straws.  There is an extra $120 fee we charge to off set the cost of the vet to collect fresh cooled semen with extender (8 to 10 straws).

**** Please note:  The “Mendely” picture above is of V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi.  This is NOT a picture of Paska.  I have been asked this question already a few times so I’m stating this here for the purpose of clarification.

With the normal consistent superior dog that results from a 2-3 line breeding on an amazing dog like Paska, puppies will be highly consistent and almost appear to be clones.  Unkas is a larger dog than his Sire, weighing in at approximately 96 lbs.  Please remember that every dog we breed is with the goal to not only duplicate Paska, but to actually exceed this incredible dog. There are NO other dogs better suited for protection, competition, police, search and rescue or any other working situation than the Paska line in our opinion.  And Unkas represents his father Paska, as one of his finest sons, to the point of actually being almost identical with the exception of being larger than his Sire.  Visit this page often to see updates of many pictures and videos of Unkas that will be added here.

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