Male – Nolan

V Nolan vom alten Wingertshaus

SchH 3 (x5), IPO 3 (x2), Kkl 1, FH 2, ZW-71, HD-ED normal



The following is the “Breed Survey” for Nolan (a Paska son):

“Big, powerful and full-bodied black male, strong expressive head, emphasizes high Widderrist, straight back, croup is short and steep, good front, rear angled very well.  Strong very good muscled legs, well developed before and brisket, correct front, straight front kick something toeing spirited powerful striding courses with very good presentation and very good overall strength. TSB pronounced; leaves off.”

The following is just a sampling of what Nolan has achieved:

Second X-ray examination (ID – X) in the University Hospital in Giessen by Dr. Tellheim.  He makes the SV-evaluations for HD / ED.  “Hips, back and elbows are still valid and no pattern of wear. Good as it gets! ”  And this was at the age of 7.

Performance as the most beautiful dog Bundessiegerzuchtshou in Ulm 2012
1st Qualification for 2012 with 291
2nd Qualification for 2012 with 287

Performance as the most beautiful dog Bundessiegerzuchtshou in Nuremberg 2011

1st Qualification for 2011 with 281
2nd Qualification for 2011 with 287

Belgian Winner Show 2011 V7 Beautiful performance dog, Best Guard Service

LGZS 2011 (LG 05) V3

Beautiful performance dog

Multiple time qualifier and competitor at the German National Championships (Bundessieger from 2009 to 2012).  Qualified for the Bundessieger held in September 2012, at the age of 7, and received V rating at the last 3.  4 time Bundesieger qualifier and competitor.

In 2012, we thought that the owner of Nolan had agreed to sell Nolan to us but at the last minute, he changed his mind, right before the 2012 Bundessieger.   Nolan competed for his 4th time.  Obviously, the previous owner knews what a great dog he had in Nolan.  Standing at 64 cm and 90 lbs in weight, Nolan is a bit smaller than our Unkas.  But to get Nolan’s blood (Paska son) into our existing phenomenol Paska line was essential.  It was a great disappointment at first not to be able to get Nolan in 2012, but at least we thought we were going to get two of our top females bred to Nolan prior to them being sent to the US.  However, alas, both of them did not get pregnant.  Fast forward to early 2013, we were finally able to successfully negotiate the purchase of Nolan.  Nolan arrived to his new home at Kennel von Wiese in the USA in early March 2013.

Nolan’s Pedigree – WorkingDog.EU

Nolan’s Pedigree – Pedigree Database

Stud fee – $1,500.00 per breeding unit.  Sorry but no live cover is available.  You are welcome to have your female here for as few or as many days as you like but boarding fees for females in heat will be $11.00 per day.  You can have our vets do the procedures.  We can have the surgical insemination done for $400.00 if ideal time hits during the weekdays or $550.00 if occurring during the weekend.

We have both frozen semen which will require surgical insemination or cooled semen with the need for AI (artificial insemination).  Cooled semen will be fresh collections sent over night with extender.  Instead of a charge anywhere from $500 to $1200 for surgical insemination necessary with frozen semen, the cooled semen requires only a vaginal insemination for minimal cost, usually $50 to $100 dollars charged by the vet.  Our fees are the same for either frozen or cooled.  There is an extra $120 fee we charge to off set the cost of the vet to collect fresh cooled semen with extender or semen retrieval from the bank if frozen.  Overnight shipping is the responsibility of purchaser.

We will be strictly adhering to only 30 breedings outside of our kennel.  You can reserve your breeding now and it will be honored into the future, however long it takes for you to achieve your breeding, as many years as you like.  Beyond 3 years, there will be an additional nominal fee to off-set the cost of storage.  Credit card payments can be made and all reservations will require full breeding fee as deposit.  Upon time of specimen delivery, additional charges for vet collection (for fresh cooled) or semen retrieval (frozen) as well as overnight transportation will be due.   Please note:  We can not guarantee your female will get pregnant but we will guarantee the semen specimen to be fully viable as all specimens are tested prior to cryogenic preservation and a sample is always sacrificed after freezing to insure full viability of specimens per collection.

Please note that there is no black male working dog in the USA that is more accomplished than Nolan, having won 16 First place competitions in SHOW in the working class division as well as competing at the German National Championships (Bundessieger) from the age of 3 onwards (from 2009 to 2012).


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