Male – Magno

V Magno vom haus Salztalblick, SchH3, FH1, Kk1

Owned by Vincent Tran

Magno is a beautiful, powerful, black male with excellent bone structure and the perfect head type. He is a very dominant, serious male that is also civil, yet balanced in temperament while still being well socialized.  Magno’s is coming from a sire (Faro van Xazziam) with generations of males behind him to show the strength of the bloodline, which is producing strong working lines. His dam (Otessali vom Salztalblick) comes from a sire a strong BSP participant rated highest in protection, was also SV Bundes FCI Sieger with “V” score!  Magno’s pedigree shows his ingrained strengths in both working ability and perfect conformation. This male can improve your bloodlines offering. His granddame on dam’s side is a very well-known producer of many great dogs. Magno is a strong male who completed the highest working titles at 20 months of age showing his powerful disposition and tractability. Magno was bred in Germany to top working line females before he arrived in the USA.

This beautiful young male is already a proven stud with all highly rated working females from Willi Muller’s Salztalblick kennel.  Chosen because of his strong bone, perfect structure and his high drives verified with high scores in the work, exceeding in the protection phase, always “V”. IPO1 96/90/97; IPO2 97/93/96; SchH3 88/86/96 FHI 90.  He is very fast with powerful, strong grips, completing all his titling at the young age of only twenty months. This ability comes from years of multi-generational predisposed genetics. His pedigree is full of famous proven producers both males and females. This is a line breeding of 5-4 on Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich. His father Faro and grandfather Fax are known for producing hard dogs, which traits he strongly exhibits.  Yet Magno is of a very balanced temperament, very social while being very dominant. This male has everything to improve your working lines and is the reason we use Magno in our breeding program.





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