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Rocky von Wiese – Date of Birth:  Dec 24, 2011.  100% German Stock.  Pictures below taken in late August, 2012, at 8 months of age.  He was the choice of the litter and the only male we kept from that litter due to his exceptional disposition.  He would stay with his “human” even when all the other puppies would take off after a squirrel.  He naturally heels, and has a very sweet disposition.  He is great with children and other dogs and is fascinated by cats.  Rocky is crate trained, has basic obedience and has been already worked in protection despite being very young.  Videos below show him during some of his training.  Rocky is a Paska Grandson with incredible potential and will easily excel in Schutzhund/IPO competition.  He is an exceptional dog with very easy and sweet personality.  Rocky is NOT a “hard” dog and will NOT be well suited for police work.  However, he has “off the wall” ball drive and will excel in competition and protection.  Both Sire and Dam are on premises, both trained in Germany, both 100% German stock.  We do not have any US blood lines in any of our dogs.  Rocky is currently available for $6,500.00.  As his training increases, so will his value and his price.

Rocky Starting Protection Training at 10 months of age

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Rocky During Protection Training

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Rocky at Finish of Training at 14 months of Age

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Sire – Nick (Blade):  For more information on Blade, click here

Dam – Olympia (Pia):  V Olympia  vom Silbersee, SchH3, Kk1

To see Rocky’s pedigre, click here


Rocky von Wiese – Awesome protection and obedience, already trained for protection – $10,500.00 (Includes 3 lessons for new owner with trainer).  Excellent prospect for SchH/IPO with extremely high ball drive.  This dog was sold and sent for training but prospective owner did not put deposit down.  Rocky will be between 90 and 100 lbs when fully matured.  Currently, at 82 lbs at 1 year of age.  Best male out of litter of 11 (7 males and 4 females) as evaluated by two different SchH trainers.  Currently being trained by one of 23 registered SchH handlers in the USA as recognized by the USCA.  Serious inquiries only please.   This is an exceptional dog and has potential to go all the way for someone who wants a fantastic competition dog with high drive.


 Rocky von Wiese – Male, born Dec 24, 2011

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Rocky on 2nd day of protection training – Dec 13, 2012

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Rocky continuing with protection training – Jan 4, 2013

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Rocky von Wiese – Last day of training (This is a must see video)

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