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Genetics being the forefront of my plan with health, athleticism, tractability, conformation (form follows function) all this with multi-generational consistency; you’ll notice that almost all the breeding’s are “V” (excellent) in conformation with the highest ratings in work. SchH3, IPO3,FH1,FH2, AD, koerklasse 1. On rare occasion I will breed a lesser titled dog but it will be titled and only bred after close consideration and conference with a close mentor in Germany.Now many would say you can’t breed pedigrees and we concur so these same dogs are examined for their scores in protection, they must be high especially in the “C” phase; and for their dominance yet balanced temperament. These aren’t just sport dogs but are also civil when appropriate and they all could be police k-9s/military or personal protection companions. So these are the cream of the crop undeniably! We continue to work these dogs on a regular basis. We also challenge you to compare other Breedings, especially to our valued pricing. You cannot buy a top breeding from Europe, importing it for what we offer!Many of the breedings are bred under advisement from the original breeder that has been a prolific breeder over forty years having numerous dogs from his kennel competing at the highest national and International venues. Thus you will find the same quality offspring (puppies) as you would find and paying premium prices from Europe right here in the U.S.We would compare our prices to any breeder here, offering an equal or higher quality puppy at a better value financially. Also there are added incentives for those that compete or title their dog to the highest levels thus promoting the kennel and Breedings. Why would you purchase a puppy here paying more for it than you would in Europe for a comparable breeding? Are they better because they are bred here and you pay more? I think not that’s why I offer puppies at comparable prices as you would pay from Europe.One of our strengths is line breeding to some of the most sought after proponent working studs and breeding females for example 2-3 Paska vom Salztalblick, 3-3 Xenta vom Salztalblick, 4-5 Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft, all strong with outstanding performance scores and highest conformation values.Conformation is often misunderstood in the working dog and confused with the show line dogs. We see their (working dogs) conformation as form follows function. One of the main things we evaluate is the dogs movement from the puppy stage, it is then matched with that dogs prey drive, it’s grip, the desire to possess and we further desire a strong hunting instinct which is a strong continuation to keep looking for what is sought. These are critical evaluations to further Breedings and desirable traits for the work. There is no short road to success and the selling of pups is not my primary goal, breeding the perfect German shepherd and furtherance of the line is my main goal. If you would like to speak to us about these things we encourage any dialogue of a positive nature. We do not consider ourselves to be in competition with others and their Breedings; I am in competition with myself to breed the highest quality dog with all the aforementioned attributes plus the highest potential of healthiness. Your considerations are appreciated. Thank you……..