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On December 24, 2014 (Christmas Eve), our beloved Unkas, unexpectedly and suddenly passed away.  At 2:30 pm, he was fine and by 4:30 pm the same day, 2 hours later, he was gone.  It appeared, from his severely distended abdomen, that he died of a sudden gastric torsion (Bloat), confirmed later by the emergency vet who met us at the hospital emergency room.  Even in his last hour of life, he showed his incredible heart and drive.  Despite being in severe distress, he got up for me and made his way into his crate despite being in obviously severe pain and other signs to graphic to relate here.  Upon arrival to the hospital, he was found to have lost his vital signs and we coded him.  But to no avail.  Our Unkas was pronounced at 4:30 pm.

Unkas will be long remembered and for me personally, will almost assuredly be the best dog that I ever owned.  He is the embodiment of what we strive at Kennel von Wiese and will forever be the yard stick that we will use to measure the caliber of any German Shepherd we breed.  If we are successful at ever producing another dog equal to V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, we will have succeeded in improving this incredible breed. May this incredible dog, who graced our home and privileged us by being the main Sire for our kennel, rest in peace.  One day, I shall see you again my friend!