Female – Lona

V Lona vom Salztalblick, IPO3, Kk1, HD-ED normal, ZW-75
(father Unkas vom Riedschlurgi – (our stud dog)) and (mother Otessali vom Salztalblick)  
Lona – working-dog.eu 
Date of Birth –  5/23/2010
Lona’s Lineage

What can we say about Lona!  She is one of our best females, very civil, and the daughter of our very own stud dog V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, SchH3, KK1, FH1.  We have considered Lona not only as one of our best females from a breeding perspective, but also from the perspective of what we breed as far as the natural instinct to protect and as a perfect demonstration of what Unkas produces.  After all, what better way is there to demonstrate the quality of what we are breeding than to showcase an outstanding daughter of the very dog that is the main stud of our kennel, the top son of the legendary   Paska.  But it doesn’t stop there, Lona is truly a dog that one can’t help but fall in love with.  She is definitely a 1 or 2 person dog, and with her civilness, we expect to see many offspring from her in the future exhibiting this characteristic that we want in a working/competition dog.  Watch her video to really see how Lona moves, her athleticism, her grace and her phenomenal conformation along with her desired temperament.

Lona will not only produce 2-3’s on her legendary grandfather Paska, she will also be uniquely able to provide us with the depth in our world recognized breeding program by now allowing us the ability to breed 2-3 on her father Unkas!  And if it couldn’t get any better with just one breeding female, Lona is now able to bring over another line of excellent black working dogs with her first breeding to V Bomber vom Wolfsheim, SchH3, Kkl1, FH1 . Our plan has always been to breed the best black german shepherds in the world.  Now, we will be able to not only breed 2-3 on the legendary Paska, but also on his phenomenal, top rated son, Unkas.  And we are going to be able to breed 2-3 on Bomber now!

How are we going to accomplish such a milestone?  We have just purchased the best Bomber daughter in the world who is V rated, SchH 3 (x10), FH1, Kkl1 and is only 3 years of age.  She will be bred to Unkas.  And we already have Unkas’ top titled daughter, Lona, bred to Bomber.  This combination of Paska with the best of Unkas and Bomber, will be considered our foundational stock and take our already internationally recognized breeding program into another dimension.


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