Female – Kala

V Kala vom Salztalblick, SchH 3, Kk1, HD-ED normal, V rated

Kala’s WorkingDog.eu profile and lineage

Kala’s Pedigree Database profile and lineage

V Kala vom Salztalblick, SchH3, Kkl1, HD-ED normal, ZW 75, is an exceptional V rated female who is as sweet as she is obedient.  Her first litter was with Iwan, an exceptional breeding resulting in 6 males and 3 females, almost all of which were sold the first week after Kala gave birth.  Kala is the daughter of Nandy, one of the legendary Paska’s top 3 daughters (we have 2 of them ourselves, Pia and Sina).  And Kala’s father is the awesome Xen vom haus Pixner.  Just click on Kala’s pedigree and look at the information and pictures of her Sire and Dam.  You will understand immediately why she was highly sought out to be an addition to our kennel.  Kala is the full sister of very own Kassy.  Their pedigree’s were so exceptional, that the entire litter was retained by Willi Mueller who originally bred them.  All the litter achieved SchH3 and both Kassy and Kala as well as their brother, Korsan, all achieved Kkl1 and V ratings.  Look for future breedings of Kala with Unkas as well as Kala with Nolan.


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