Beniti delivered 9 puppies early in the afternoon on July 2.  6 males and 3 females.  And if these males are anything like their Sire, these are going to be some INCREDIBLE puppies.  We specialize only in solid all black german shepherds from the world famous Paska line.  This litter that arrived today is a 2-3 line breeding on Paska, between Unkas and Beniti.  If you would like more details or for more information on this incredible breeding, click here or for all our available puppies, click here.

Reservations for the new litter of puppies will be accepted at $500.00 with prices of puppies ranging from $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 each depending on sex, size and color.  This will be Unkas and Beniti’s third litter and is expected to be just as good if not better than the first two.   Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis.  Law enforcement and military will be given priority.  We ONLY breed fully titled SchH 3 or IPO 3 females from now on.

All our German Shepherds are 100% from German lines, with no US blood lines.  Parents are all on premises, and all hips and elbows of parents are rated the highest possible.   Take a look at our incredible dogs and you decide.  We will publicly state that we are breeding the absolute highest and best quality all black German Shepherds in all of North America and will challenge anyone to put up a puppy against one of ours or their breeder dogs against one of ours (with the exception of Vincent Tran (…his dogs are as good as ours).  But no one else comes close.  Our dogs are selected from a pool of German dogs that virtually no one else outside of the Germans even has access to obtain.  We invite you to come to our kennels and see the difference for yourself.  Then you decide.